Online Balletclass


For ballet teachers and dancers who want to deepen and/or specialize in classical ballet.

On, there are over 240 lessons available across 4 levels. It is a complete methodology of classical ballet, starting from the first plié to a grand pas.

There is a special Teacher Methodology consisting of 27 lessons, as well as a special class called “ballet training with a pianist.”

Due to popular demand, there is also a comprehensive pointe technique.

The English-language lessons are used by dancers and teachers worldwide.

All lessons come with detailed lesson notes, describing each exercise in depth. There are over 1000 different exercises that can be downloaded per lesson (PDF).

Liesbeth’s approach and methodology have resulted in successful careers for dancers and teachers for over 40 years, allowing them to dance and teach in good health even at an advanced age.

Online LBallet:

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