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The Liesbeth Wiertz Ballet Instituut and LBallet.com

The LWBI was founded in March 2020 by Liesbeth Wiertz (classical ballet teacher) and Paul Valk (ballet pianist).​

The objective of the LWBI is to support dance teachers, dancers, pianists and others with knowledge and experience in the field of classical ballet.​

We do this by offering affordable training and courses for teachers in The Netherlands that can also be followed online. www.lwbi.nl

An online platform was set up for this simultaneously with the physical institute: www.lballet.com.

More than 200 English classical ballet lessons can now be seen via this website. The lessons are divided into: Junior, Intermediate, Advanced, Methodology and Pointe class and are based on the methodology of Liesbeth Wiertz.

About Liesbeth Wiertz

Liesbeth Wiertz Ambition and 
go ‘hand in hand’

Together with www.lballet.com, the Liesbeth Wiertz Ballet Institute shapes the methodology of Liesbeth Wiertz.

This methodology, developed by Liesbeth over 40 years, has proven itself through successful careers of dancers, dance teachers and others.

The methodology has a clear logical structure and serves the personal possibilities and ambitions of a student.

The core is insight into why exercises and dance movements are constructed and performed in a specific way.

When you have completed all modules, you can rightly call yourself a specialist in the field of classical ballet.

You can then work as a classical ballet teacher or, for example, set up your own school.

If you want to develop yourself further as a dancer,  education in other ‘ballet schools’ is a good fit because there are minimal ‘style’ additions in the technique of Liesbeth.

Students of Liesbeth are characterized by excellent technical, artistic and musical skills combined with a great methodical insight.

About Paul Valk

Paul Valk Ballet and 
 are connected.

Musical education is an integral part of the development as a dancer or ballet teacher.

A dance teacher uses varying tempos, accents and time signatures. Therefore, each ballet class is ideally accompanied by a pianist.

Paul Valk is a piano teacher and pianist in the lessons of Liesbeth Wiertz. He is also the producer of the recordings for Lballet.

Paul studied piano at the conservatory in Arnhem and child development at the University of Nijmegen.



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